Kylie Jenner Looks Totally Annoyed in New Family Pic -- It's Awesome (PHOTO)

OMG -- someone needs to explain why Kylie Jenner looked super annoyed at Cosmopolitan's 50th birthday party on Monday night.


We're guessing that maybe, just maybe, it's because the youngest sister didn't get the memo that the entire family was wearing black. Yes, in a sea of long gowns and jumpsuits all in black, Kylie is wearing a white mini dress.

My little @kourtneykardash just warms my soul

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She looked gorgeous, and who really needs to dress exactly like their family? Regardless, Kylie is giving Kris somewhat of a death stare. And as a mom, I know the look Kris is giving Kylie. It's something like, "Get over it and smile for the cameras, honey."

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Since Kylie ordinarily seems perfectly content to stand out, maybe she's peeved about something else. Either way, we admit we would not want to get on this girl's bad side. Maybe one day Kylie will admit the real backstory on this pic on her app; until then we'll have fun playing a guessing game as to why she looks so darn miffed.


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