Kate Middleton May Honor Diana Again by Wearing Her Tiara

kate middletonPrincess Kate Middleton's biggest hair situation has been the cutting of her bangs -- or really long fringe. But that news has been usurped by the fact that she is going to be wearing a tiara for her first ever state banquet. It will be a rare but welcomed vision for the Duchess of Cambridge. Now she just needs to decide which sparkly crown of diamonds to wear.


The banquet is happening on October 20, so there is no doubt all her tiara options are currently being considered. Though we aren't positive she is attending, all signs point to yes. The banquet is at Buckingham Palace to welcome President Xi Jinping of China and his wife Peng Liyuan. Prince William will be by her side.

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This impressive crown once worn by Queen Elizabeth would look lovely on our princess.

queen elizabeth

Perhaps, though, she will choose this one adorned with red.

tiara queen elizabeth

The red is a risky choice for Kate, who seems to favor blue -- though maybe she will surprise us all.

princess diana crown

Maybe she will choose something Diana has worn. My guess is that she will choose something very vintage from the royal collection.

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No matter what Kate chooses, the event is a photographer's dream (as well as royal fans') -- I cannot wait to see what she will be wearing.


Image via Jesal/Tanna/Splash News; James Whatling/Splash News; Splash; John White/Splash News

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