Amy Duggar Opens Up About a Honeymoon Baby

It's been a couple of weeks since she got back from her honeymoon, and, given her family's M.O., we are all wondering -- is Amy Duggar already pregnant?


The reality star wed Dillon King in a fairy-tale wedding on September 6 in Bentonville, Arkansas, and a few days later jetted off with her new hubby for some fun in the sun in Cancun, Mexico.

And the one thing her famous family wanted to know upon her return was whether or not she was with child. She was apparently met with some disappointment when she revealed that no, she is not expecting.

She told Us Weekly that there's definitely not a honeymoon baby, much to her cousins' chagrin. She said that when she shared her (non)news with them, "They were ... almost upset, you know?"

Furthermore, the 28-year-old isn't planning on getting knocked up anytime soon, even though she does think that Dillon will be a stellar dad when the time comes. She revealed her thinking about it, saying, "I can't wait to be a mom someday, but we've got so many little cousins to love on and so many little kiddos that we don't feel like we're missing out."

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Once she and Dillon do decide to add to their family, don't expect her to take the traditional Duggar route of birthing enough kiddos to make up their own sports teams, either. "We don't want a lot of kids," Amy stated matter-of-factly.

In fact, she's having a hard time believing that she's even old enough to be a mama yet! She said, "We just got our marriage license in the mail ... and we literally went, 'Who let us [be] adult?!'"

Good for Amy, marching to the beat of her own drum! There will be plenty of time for babies down the road, and it's super cool that she and Dillon are just taking this time to enjoy being newlyweds.


Image via amyrachelleking/Instagram

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