Amy Duggar Praises Anna's 'Strength' Following Josh's Cheating Scandal

This chick has some definite opinions on the whole Josh Duggar scandal, and she seems to be firmly on Team Anna. Amy Duggar recently commented on Anna Duggar's current state, as her cousin-in-law tries to pick up the pieces of her life after her husband was exposed as a cheater.


Freshly back from her Cancun honeymoon with new hubby Dillon King, Amy told Us Weekly that she's keeping in contact with Anna while Josh is reportedly seeking long-term treatment in a Christian rehabilitation center for sex addiction.

Anna stood by Josh's side last spring when it was revealed that he molested five young girls (four of whom were his own sisters) as a young teen, saying that he had confessed his sin to her before they got married, and that she had forgiven him, and knew that he was a changed man.

After that scandal broke, Amy was the first of the family to speak publicly without supporting Josh. After it came out that Josh cheated on Anna with the help of at least two Ashley Madison accounts, Amy actually said, "Let's let him be gone."

Needless to say, Amy doesn't have much use for Josh these days. But that doesn't mean she doesn't still admire and respect Anna, and how she's holding it together for her four kids, Mackynzie, Michael, Marcus, and Meredith.

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Along with saying that Anna is "good" these days, Amy also revealed that she talks to her a lot. She revealed, "She's strong. I wouldn't be handling it quite the same way."

No doubt she wouldn't! Amy has always been a bit of the rebel Duggar, and considering how outspoken she's been about her cousin, we can only imagine how she'd be if it were her husband.

Note to Dillon King -- don't even think about crossing this girl. She'll rake you over the coals without a second thought.


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