Scott Disick's Latest Message to Kourtney Shows How Delusional He Really Is

scott disickWell, this is interesting. Scott Disick posted a cryptic message to Instagram that makes it seem like he's still trying to win Kourtney Kardashian back. The message, which simply reads "Never give up," has many of his followers speculating that it's a means for him to let Kourtney know that he still loves her and wants to be together. However, that said, most people aren't buying it. 


The father of three posted the photo on Monday night, giving it no caption -- which of course led to speculation. 

Being that it's Breast Cancer Awareness month and some of the writing is in pink (and it's an encouraging message), some people seem to think it has to do with that -- and perhaps it does. But even if that's the case, there's no way Scott posted this without the knowledge that it would seem like a message to his ex. 

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To be honest, as much of a jerk as he's been, it's hard not to feel sort of bad for Scott. Yes, he's done some horrible things to Kourtney, but what he needs is help. Right now, he's completely alone. He doesn't have parents and he doesn't have a partner. At this point, Kourtney has done everything she could and she needs to look out for herself and her kids, but it kind of makes you wonder who's going to be the one to help Scott -- because clearly he's not going to help himself.

If Scott really wants to win Kourtney back, he needs to work on himself and treat her better. Plain and simple. Enough of these cute little Instagram messages, buddy. Time to do the work. 


Image via letthelordbewithyou/Instagram

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