20 of Prince William & Kate Middleton's Most 'Normal' Couple Moments

Amy Goldman | Mar 17, 2020 Celebrities
20 of Prince William & Kate Middleton's Most 'Normal' Couple Moments
Image: Frank Augstein/WPA-Pool/Splash News

Prince William and Kate Middleton
Frank Augstein/WPA-Pool/Splash News

They may be the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, but Prince William and Kate Middleton are a refreshingly normal couple. Even in the most formal circumstances, they share sweet little moments that we can identify with. Take just one look at William and Kate cuddling at a rugby match or making each other laugh at a public event, and it's easy to see why this royal duo has so many fans: Not only are they clearly in love, but jewelry and red-carpet treatment aside, they look and act like regular couples.

Perhaps it's because Kate is a commoner, or that Wills is the epitome of a gentleman, but the fact that these two are so normal is what gives them their charm. Yes, they are royals ... but they're people, too.

It's got to be tough walking a fine line between projecting a royal demeanor and also having these human couples moments while out in public. They manage it, though, so good on them. We've put together some of William and Kate's most relatable couple moments. From how they fret over sporting events to how they look at their son, these two are as real as it gets. And we love watching them be real with each other! 

So grab yourself a cuppa and get yourself a commemorative plate. And get ready to fall for this pair all over again! Cheers to our favorite royal couple!

  • Sportsmanlike Behavior

    kate middleton and prince william at a rugby match
    James Whatling/Splash News

    These two look completely adorable at a Rugby World Cup match. They're so into it! But between William's "I give up trying to look hot" dad glasses and Kate's "I can't watch, I'm about to have a heart attack" face, the couple look more like parents suffering through a particularly excruciating piano recital or school play. We do know that their kids  recently took up new hobbies -- Prince George takes ballet and guitar lessons and Princess Charlotte is heavily into gymnastics -- so we expect to see these faces at a school auditorium or gym pretty soon.

  • I Wanna Hold Hands

    kate middleton and prince william descending stairs
    James Whatling/Splash News

    Little lovey-dovey moments like this one are what make William and Kate such an endearing couple. We love it when a partner is still thoughtful long after the relationship's newness has worn off. William's gentlemanly gesture is even more meaningful because Kate is surely wearing heels with this formal dress, and she is clearly pregnant. Not only is Kate's growing baby bump is making its presence known under the pleats of her skirt, but she's also cradling it protectively. 


  • Family Matters

    prince william, kate middleton, and prince george on a lawn
    Ford/Splash News

    Let's see: William is wearing a suit and Kate is wearing a powder-blue coatdress. Nope. They're not crouching down on the grass to casually picnic and play with Prince George. Fellow parents know this pose all too well: Baby Prince George has either upchucked his lunch, or he's mid-tantrum, or about to fall over sleepily. Either way, it's time for mommy and daddy to come to his rescue. 

    So relatable!

  • On Wednesdays, We Wear Track Jackets

    prince william and kate middleton in matching outfits
    INFphoto.com/Splash News

    Sure, these pullovers were probably given to them by the organizers of the event they're attending in this picture, but can we just imagine for a second that Kate and William are like that retired older couple from your apartment building, who do everything together and color-coordinate their mall-walking outfits? So cute, we gotta admit. Kate and William have known each other so long, they can probably have entire conversations telepathically.   

  • Can't Take My Eyes Off Ya

    kate middleton and prince william with prince george at hospital
    Gotcha Images/Splash News

    This photo of William and Kate with baby Prince George outside of the hospital on the day of his birth perfectly captures the feeling of falling in love with your newborn. Sure, they're facing a hundred photographers aiming their long lenses at them and clicking away, but in this moment, Kate and William are just like every other set of parents who have just witnessed the miracle of birth: They only have eyes for their little one. 

  • Sharing Is Caring

    XactpiX/Splash News

    Kate: "Babe, pass the popcorn."

    William: "Of course, my love, but please leave some for me. I always get left with the kernels."

    That would definitely be a familiar conversation we've had many a time with our significant other. On another note, we gotta wonder what the royals, who were attending a basketball game in New York in this pic, made of American popcorn. Judging by William's expression, we're guessing maybe the double theater butter-blasted snack was just a little too intense for their pampered palettes. They need more Orville Redenbacher in their lives. 

  • A Little Zoolander in the Making

    James Whatling/Splash News

    When William and Kate take their ridiculously photogenic kiddo to the zoo, they do exactly what we would: Introduce human cutie to furry cutie, probably in their most encouraging baby voice. The difference between a royal baby and ours? Our zoos don't name their animals after our kids, as Sydney's Taronga Zoo did in during the royals' Australian Zoo did in 2014. This bunny-looking animal is a native bilby named George. 


  • Kate & William Sitting in a Tree

    Clint Brewer/Splash News

    Royal PDA is the best PDA, even if it's pretty conservative, like this chaste kiss on the cheek.  When Kate kissed William after a polo match -- a sort of tradition during the trophy presentation -- our collective hearts melted. The dearly departed (from royal life) Meghan and Harry used to full-on kiss on the lips after polo matches, but the future king and queen prefer to keep things a little more, well, English. 

    Whatever works.

  • It's Electric, Boogie Woogie Woogie

    James Whatling/Corbis/Splash News

    William and Kate really take the mantra "dance like nobody's watching" to heart, and we adore them all the more for revealing their goofy side, because that's exactly what we'd be doing in the same situation. We're half of that slightly tipsy couple that's first on the dance floor at wedding receptions. Considering that Kate and William probably never even heard a traditional dance from Tuvalu before, let alone groove along with one, they're being pretty good sports embracing the moment.   

  • Make 'Em Laugh

    kate middleton and prince william laughing
    INFphoto.com/Getty Images

    Look at these two lovebirds, just casually sharing a laugh while looking gorgeous. The fact that William and Kate share lots of humorous moments -- the kind of vibe that comes from knowing someone for many years, as they do -- makes them seem so down-to-earth and relatable. William's expression while looking at Kate is everything. He's enjoying watching her give herself over completely to whatever joke he just said. 

  • Moves Like Gene Kelly

    prince william and kate middleton at war horse premiere
    Simon Earl/Splash News

    William held an umbrella for Kate when they got caught in the rain walking up to the red carpet at the premiere of War Horse. We can't even process how sweet this is, especially because it's one of those umbrellas that's made for exactly one extremely skinny person, so William is clearly not going to benefit from it at all. He may not be the British monarch yet, but he's already king ... of romantic gestures.

  • Strong Backhand

    kate middleton and prince william
    Steve Finn/Splash News

    Here's William engaging in one of our favorite forms of PDA by putting a protective hand on Kate's back. Sigh. Some people may view this as a slightly paternalistic kind of move -- but let's be real, it's only annoying when it's a dude we're totally not into, LOL. For guys everywhere who were raised to be chivalrous, this is just they way they roll, and William's got an actual reason to feel protective: The couple was surely facing a throng of photographers in this picture. 

  • Cheers, Mate!

    kate middleton and prince william drinking
    Mirrorpix/Splash News

    OK, we plead guilty to doing this all the time -- ya know, engage in the time-honored tradition of using our significant others as guinea pigs at cocktail parties and restaurants. We're like, "OK, babe. Taste this and let me know whether it's worth losing part of my lipstick to the glass. It is? Cool. Cheers!" And since dudes will basically try anything, they're always game. And so it is with William, who is complying, at least in our imagination.

  • Puppy Love

    kate middleton, prince william, and lupo the dog
    James Whatling/Splash News

    Even a royal couple like William and Kate treats their pup as if he's a baby. How cute is this photo of William cradling Lupo, the dog that Kate's brother gave her -- while Kate acts like it's a regular occurrence for them? Also, we can tell that this was before George, Charlotte, and Louis came along and took precedence over Wills and Kate's fur baby. At least William is getting some cuddling practice in.  

  • I'm So Proud

    prince william and kate middleton
    Gillis/Macpherson/Splash News

    William is brimming with pride for Kate after she competes in a dragon boat race in Canada. This is hands-down the most affection we've ever seen William give his wife, and we can tell she's pleased and also surprised. We also like to think he's singing a rendition of "I'm Proud of You" from Mister Rogers' Neighborhood for her, and she's gracefully grinning through his slightly off-key singing like a supportive champ.

  • Juggling's the Latest Hobby, Really?

    kate middleton and prince william
    Splash News

    Dudes are always trying to impress their women, even years into a relationship, and it's usually something we'd never be impressed by, like mad beer pong skills or juggling. Nevertheless, there's something adorable about William even trying his hand at the trick that's more suited to a court jester than a future king, and in public, no less. Anyone who is not afraid to look silly to make their loved one laugh is OK by us. 

  • Look of Love

    kate middleton and Prince William
    Splash News

    Gotta love sidebar moments like this one, when Kate and William are sharing a one-on-one conversation in the middle of a busy event. Kate's huge smile makes it look like they're definitely planning something for later. This photo was taken two months before their wedding (at their first official event together, a lifeboat naming ceremony), and Kate is absolutely beaming. Reminds us of those early relationship times when all we had to do was look forward to the next good time together.

  • Let Me Get That For Ya

    prince william and kate middleton in red hoodies
    Splash News

    This is such a sweetly intimate moment that it almost looks like William totally forgot that the cameras were there. Grooming each other -- tying up a hoodie, straightening a tie, getting a piece of hair out of a loved one's face -- those are all signs of love that we all do, and William and Kate are no different. As the years have gone by, though, we've gotten fewer and fewer of these kind of moments in public -- a side effect, we suppose, of the couple getting deeper and deeper into their royal roles. 

  • Ya Want More Kids?!

    Splash News

    This baby might be a sweetie who has taken to Kate in a big way -- and the feeling is mutual -- but that doesn't necessarily mean that the duchess is willing to have a fourth kid, William! Every couple has to have *that* conversation, about how big their family is going to be, and there might be a bit of push and pull. Right now, the royals have three, which is a pretty good number, especially considering that Kate has had massive chronic morning sickness for all three pregnancies. 

  • Everybody, Smile!

    kate middleton and prince william and kids arriving at the airport
    Splash News

    OK, at first this may not seem like a normal couple moment. After all, the royals are literally just arrived somewhere on a private plane and are walking on a red carpet. That's nowhere near reality for most of us. But that perfectly polished family look? Yeah, we know all about that. Let's be real! That's totally what we try to project when we walk into church or the family Thanksgiving get-together with our kids. As soon as we get home, though? It's jammies and mom buns all the way. We're pretty sure that the Cambridges are the same.

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