Whitney Bischoff Gives an Update on Her Current Dating Status

She might not be having a romantic rendezvous in other countries or inside a luxurious mansion, but former Bachelor winner Whitney Bischoff says she's casually dating again after her split from Chris Soules.


Us Weekly caught up with her for an exclusive interview, during which she admitted that while she's getting back out there, she doesn't have a specific type of guy in mind.

Whitney also mentioned that she and Chris are still on good terms, which is so lovely to hear. Considering the public scrutiny any Bachelor couple is under once the "winner" is revealed, it's so nice to know these two can work things out like adults and even remain friends.

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We're also happy that Whitney is moving on but doesn't seem to be dialed into just one type of guy (like, say, farmers). We think she would totally slay at speed dating (do people still do that?), or maybe she should pursue someone who is the opposite of Chris, like an older financial business type -- or perhaps a guy who is also in the medical field who already lives in Chicago. (Just don't dip your toes back in the Bachelor well, Whit. That rarely ever goes smoothly.)

It cannot be easy going back to dating in the real world after living out the high stakes dates on the show, so way to take things slowly and keep your options open, lady!


Image via @Parisa/Splash News

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