Scott Disick's 18-Year-Old Fling Has Upset Kourtney More Than We Thought

She's playing it cool on the outside, but inside sources say Kourtney Kardashian is disgusted with Scott Disick's new teenaged model girlfriend.


Kourt is making it very clear that Scott isn't to bring Lindsay Vrckovnik around their kids, which leads some to think that maybe she's more upset about her ex moving on than she wants everyone to believe.

But even though Scott's dating an 18-year-old is bugging Kourt, we're not so sure telling him he can't bring his latest fling around the kids is really a sign that she wants him back. It's not exactly healthy for them if they see their dad parading a bunch of different women in front of them, and they're so young that it puts Kourtney in a difficult position if she has to explain the situation. We're with her on this one -- they don't need to meet Lindsay unless she and Scott get serious. Flying to Miami and clubbing in New York together hardly spells commitment to us.

It's also just a little odd that Scott is dating the young model after he was so critical of Tyga for dating Kylie Jenner (who is seven years Tyga's junior), as well as of Kris Jenner for dating a way younger guy.

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We don't even think Scott himself would object to being called a hypocrite. This is a dude who tends to own his obnoxious behavior. On the other hand, at least Lindsay is 18. Kylie was still a minor when she allegedly first started seeing Tyga.

Regardless, we're not buying that Kourtney is that broken up over Scott's new chickadee. A mom's allowed to lay ground rules, and that's all we're chalking this up to.


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