Kylie Jenner's Curves Get a Run for Their Money From Her Ripped Muscles (PHOTO)

Just when we thought Kourtney Kardashian was the family workout queen, Kylie Jenner just showed off some major muscle in a new Instagram pic.


The photo, which already has over a million likes, features Kylie walking away from the camera in printed workout tights and a sports bra -- and our girl looks ripped!

A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

We knew Kylie had curves most of us would kill for, but who knew she was also selling tickets to the gun show with those arms? Color us impressed. After all, strong is sexy, and obviously the reality star is working hard for that kind of definition. Here's hoping she posts her arm workout to her app ASAP.

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Those muscles are all the better for fending off prying paparazzi, right? We're beginning to think there's nothing this 18-year-old can't do.


Image via Photographer Group/Splash News

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