Princess Diana's Friend Reveals the Kind of Grandmother She Would Have Been

princess dianaTalk about heartwarming. Princess Diana's close friend and Prince George's godmother Julia Samuel recently spoke out about her late best friend. Samuel said that Princess Di would have made a "fantastic grandmother," and she's doing what she can to be as good a godmother to George as her "role model" was. 


Samuel, who met Diana in 1987 at a dinner and hit it off right away, said that it breaks her heart to think about how her dear friend is missing out on her grandchildren, because she would have been "amazing" at it and loved every minute.  

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Clearly, Prince William knew what he was doing when he asked Samuel to be one of his firstborn's godparents. It has to be incredibly difficult for him at times to be without his mother, so having someone who knew and loved Diana must be a huge comfort. Of course, no one will ever be able to replace his mom, but it sounds like Samuel is doing everything she can in her power to keep her memory alive and act in a way to George that her late friend would approve of. 

It must make both William and Harry so proud to hear stories of what a wonderful, caring woman their mother was. But of course at the same time it must be bittersweet since they're also remembering what they're missing. 


Image via KCS/Splash News

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