Pippa Middleton & Her Long-Distance Boyfriend Nico Jackson Call It Quits

pippa middleton, nico jacksonLooks like Pippa Middleton won't be following her sister down the aisle anytime soon -- or at least not with her longtime boyfriend, Swiss banker Nico Jackson: After three years, Middleton and Jackson have reportedly split due to issues caused by Jackson's move to Switzerland. 


Awww, but they were such a cute couple! What happened?? According to an Us Weekly "source," 32-year-old Pippa and 37-year-old Nico still "love and respect" each other.

“It was mostly due to geographical issues,” the source said of the breakup.

“They were rarely together since his move [to Switzerland] and it just caused too much strain on their relationship."

Well, sure -- long-distance relationships can be rough. Absence doesn't doesn't always make the heart grow fonder; sometimes it just makes the heart grow ... progressively less interested and more frustrated. Plus, it's worth mentioning that Pippa has apparently been spending time with some of her exes lately, including James Matthews (her BF from 2012) and England cricketer Alex Loudon.

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Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean Pippa's ready to move on -- or backwards -- already. Maybe she was gearing up to break her relationship with Nico off and needed some advice from her former beaus. Or maybe Nico was the jealous type and didn't like it when she hung out with her exes and now she's all, "Yay, I can chill with my old boyfriends on a platonic basis again without arousing suspicion!"

I don't know Pippa, so I can't really say. But I can say one thing with absolute certainty regardless of the fact that I don't know the girl at all: She'll have no trouble finding a new man. Nope. Not a bit.

Happy hunting, Pippa! 


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