Kourtney Kardashian Is Hanging Out With Justin Bieber -- Take That, Scott Disick! (PHOTOS)

kourtney kardashian, justin bieberSo, Scott Disick is hooking up with an 18-year-old model? That's okay, because his ex Kourtney Kardashian is hitting the town with younger men, too -- or at least a younger man. And we're not talking about just any younger man, here: We're talking about none other than Justin Bieber.


That's right, not only were 36-year-old Kourt and 21-year-old Justin spotted hanging out together at the Nice Guy in L.A. on Friday night, but the pair actually left together in the same car. What?! Could Kourtney be trading in one spoiled overgrown man-child for another? Or is this just a staged slap in Scott's face?

Probably neither, actually -- Bieber has been a friend of the Kardashian Klan's for quite some time. He's been photographed with Kendall Jenner for Vogue, and he knows Kourtney's kids (he's even Instagrammed himself giving Mason a piggyback ride). So more than likely, Kourtney and the Biebs just happened to run into each other at the Nice Guy, where literally every celeb ever seems to be spending all their time these days, and decided to carpool on the way home. But damn, pics like this one had to at least make Scott think twice:

kourtney bieber

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Especially 'cause Kourt's lookin' goooooood! Damn! Bieber, meanwhile, is looking, um, like he's trying to go incognito. But that may have less to do with the fact that he's with Kourtney than it does with his recent nude photo leak and his dad's corresponding weirdo Tweet. (In case you missed it, a photo of Bieber's, um, family jewels went viral, and his father took to Twitter to say he was "proud." NOT AWKWARD AT ALL.)

Hey, maybe that's what Bieber and Kourtney were talking about! After all, Kourtney's had to deal with the whole leaked nude photo thing too. Either way, we really, really hope nothing romantic is going on with these two -- but we also really, really hope seeing these pics makes Scott jealous anyway. 


Images via WAB/Splash News; Photographer Group/Splash News

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