Norman Reedus Fans Sound Scarier Than Any Zombie

norman reedusIt's no surprise that Norman Reedus has a highly devoted fan base. After all, he's Daryl Freakin' Dixon. Nor is it any sort of surprise that those fans would, from time to time, choose to send their idol gifts. It's not even a surprise that these gifts would be kind of creepy, given the nature of The Walking Dead. But giving Reedus a two-headed squirrel?!         


Unfortunately (or fortunately? I guess it all depends on what you're into), that's exactly what one Reedus-lover sent the 46-year-old actor recently, as he told Us Weekly at an October 9 fan event at Madison Square Garden.

“This season filming, I got a two-headed squirrel,” he said. “A taxidermy squirrel that someone sewed another head onto, it was so weird."

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Yeah, you could call that weird! I mean, except it sort of makes sense. Because Daryl Dixon is one hell of a skilled squirrel-killer. So a taxidermy squirrel as a gift is kind of a meaningful homage if you think of it that way. Except for the two-headed part ... yeah, that's where the whole thing gets to be less okay. Although, again, I guess it all depends on what you're into. And as it turns out, Reedus might kinda be into that: 

“I actually had it in my house for a while," he said of the squirrel.

"It was in my living room. I gave it away when I moved houses, but I had it for a while. My trailer is full of really weird things people send me, but I like horror movies, so it’s cool.”

Yeah, it's cool. Don't you feel like pretty much everything is cool with Norman Reedus? Zombies coming at you from every direction? 'Scool. Leader of your ragtag band of post-apocalyptic pals losing his mind? 'Scool.

Two-headed squirrel? 'Scool.


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