Joe Giudice Reveals What His Kids' Prison Visits With Theresa Are Like

It's been nearly 10 months since Teresa Giudice began her prison sentence for fraud charges, and during that time, her hubby Joe Giudice has been playing Mr. Mom to their four daughter, Gia, 14; Gabriella, 10; Milania, 9; and Audriana, 5. Recently Joe revealed what it's been like visiting Teresa in jail with the kids, and it isn't exactly what we expected.


The Real Housewives of New Jersey star was locked up last January on fraud charges, and though she was sentenced to 15 months, reports indicate that she'll be out early and home in time for Christmas.

Meanwhile, the only chance the fam has had to see her has been during prison visitation. If you're thinking plate glass windows and phones, think again. Joe described the scene as "one big room," complete with a toy area, and snack menus and venues.

He also said that the visits last about three hours, and the girls bring things to show their mom, like pictures they've drawn, notes they've written her, and even their homework. It's got to be rough not having Mom around every day to share these things with, but Joe said they're doing remarkably well with it.

He told E! News, "At the beginning it was hard ... Now it's like kinda routine and they go just to see her, which makes her happy."

Kids are so dang adaptable! Although Joe did confess recently that while they've been doing their best, the girls have been having a particularly hard time when they "see other moms and their friends [together]." Poor things -- they didn't do anything wrong. It's just another example of how our own actions and decisions are never isolated, but affect everyone around us.

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Joe's been having a harder time of it, and even admitted that the last 15 minutes or so of every visit, he sends the kids on their way so he can have a few alone with Teresa. "I have a harder time saying good-bye than they do," he later added. "Well, now it's, you know, better, but I mean ... when you go to her in the beginning, it's rough, you know, watching her stay there. It sucks. But what are you gonna do? It's almost over, thank God."

It might be especially harder on him, since he still faces a 41-month sentence for similar charges. The judge in their case let them serve their sentences back-to-back, so that their daughters wouldn't be without both parents at once.

I have to hand it to Joe and Teresa, for taking their lumps as best as they can and getting through it. And while it sucks to have a parent in jail, hopefully the girls are seeing firsthand that there are consequences for criminal activities. Hopefully they all pull out of this just fine, and keep on the straight and narrow after this.


Image via teresagiudice/Instagram

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