Queen Elizabeth Reportedly Thinks Kate Middleton Needs to Embrace a More Natural Look

There are a great number of things the royal family expects from the Duchess of Cambridge, but she probably didn't bargain for this one. Queen Elizabeth reportedly dislikes Kate Middleton's hair -- and has a strong opinion when it comes to her beloved hair color.


File this one under "Things that sound far too unbelievable to be true," but rumor has it Queen Elizabeth has a lot to say when it comes to Kate's hair. You've probably heard by now that the 33-year-old princess is unhappy with the long bangs she recently chopped into her long, layered hair. Many people apparently think it isn't an appropriate look for a royal, which is insane because they aren't even actual, short bangs, and even if they were, we're not exactly debating whether she should keep a green and hot pink Mohawk.

If you believe the gossip, Prince William is reportedly looking for trouble with his wife because he asked the Queen her thoughts on Kate's hair. Who in the hell asks their grandmother about their wife's appearance? But I digress. Queen Elizabeth apparently just shrugged because, seriously folks, they're just bangs. But she did have something to say about Kate's pretty chestnut-copper shade: "I do believe your wife should stop coloring her hair! Gray is rather dignified, don’t you agree?"

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Will must be desperate to sleep on the couch because he then reportedly told Kate what the Queen had to say and she replied, "My head, my hair." Let's hope she then cross-examined Will as to why he feels the need to discuss her hair with the 89-year-old monarch when there are far more important things going on.

I have a difficult time believing Will is this clueless, but let's suspend disbelief for a second: I can totally picture Queen Elizabeth -- or any grandma, really -- shunning the idea of coloring one's hair in favor of growing old gracefully. In the Queen's opinion, gray or white hair gives you a more regal look and probably enhances a female leader's ability to come off as authoritative.

It's not that I disagree with her, it's that she should probably keep her opinion to herself when it comes to Kate these days -- especially when she knows how sensitive she is to public criticism.

With that said, there really was nothing awful or mean about what the Queen had to say -- if anything, she was defending Kate's natural look and encouraging her to embrace it.


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