11 Latina Actresses Who Broke Barriers & Won Major Awards (PHOTOS)

Surprise! Lupita Nyong'o was born in Mexico and speaks fluent Spanish — oh, and she's also an Oscar winner. When it comes to earning quality roles and being recognized for their work, Latinas seem next to invisible in entertainment, so Nyong'o's win was a huge deal. Actually that's what makes all of the 11 ladies that follow so remarkable; they are the only Latinas to ever receive major acting awards.


Women you won't find on this list: Eva Longoria (Desperate Housewives), Sofia Vergara (Modern Family), Ana Ortiz (Ugly Betty), and Gina Torres (Firefly, Suits) — women gifted with acting chops who were considered breakout stars but haven't won a single award for their work (though they have garnered several nominations, which is more than worth cheering about).

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