20 of the Funniest Women in Hollywood (PHOTOS)

The world of comedy has been traditionally dominated by men, but comedian-turned-actress Amy Schumer is turning that notion upside down — movie by movie, joke by joke.

She's not alone either. Click through for 19 other Hollywood women who always make us laugh.


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  • Tina Fey


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    The woman who spawned a million gifs with the creation of 30 Rock's Liz Lemon is still the unofficial queen of comedy in Hollywood. Rumor has it that Tina Fey already has a new TV series in the works for CBS.

  • Sofia Vergara


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    If there's one thing that the Modern Family actress has proven it's that women nowadays don't have to choose between being the funny one or being the hot one on a TV show.

  • Amy Poehler


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    After her success on SNL and Parks and Recreation, Amy Poehler has been busy promoting her book, Yes Please, and her website Smart Girls, but we can't wait to see her onscreen again.

  • Kristen Wiig


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    She made us laugh on SNL too many times to count, but with roles in movies like The Martian and the upcoming Ridley Scott film Nasty BabyKristen Wiig has proven that she's a movie star too.

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  • Ellen DeGeneres


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    Our favorite talk show host will not be leaving our television screens anytime soon! The Ellen DeGeneres Show is currently in its 13th season and going strong.

  • Mindy Kaling


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    As the writer-creator-star of The Mindy Project and the author of a new humor book, Mindy Kaling is a seemingly unstoppable force in the comedy world.

  • Chelsea Handler


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    For those who miss the sarcastic comedian's late-night talk show, get ready to have Chelsea Handler back in your life. The comedian will be returning to TV with several upcoming Netflix documentaries, a new talk show, and a live concert special.

  • Rebel Wilson


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    "Bigger girls do better in comedy," Pitch Perfect star Rebel Wilson has said of her extraordinary success.

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  • Jennifer Lawrence


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    She already makes us laugh during her interviews, but Jennifer Lawrence will finally be able to show off her comedic chops onscreen in an upcoming movie that she's co-writing with Amy Schumer.

  • Jane Lynch


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    We're pretty sure that comedian and Glee actress Jane Lynch could make reading the dictionary seem funny. She's that good.

  • Melissa McCarthy


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    After stealing every scene in Bridesmaids, Melissa McCarthy has graduated to leading lady with starring turns in movies like Spy and Tammy.

  • Jane Krakowski


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    Tina Fey knows that if you want to make a sitcom funnier, then just add Jane Krakowski to the cast. The actress made us laugh on 30 Rock and is now one of our favorite characters on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

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  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus


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    In addition to her Seinfeld cred, the Veep star now has four Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series Emmy awards to her name.

  • Elizabeth Banks


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    Remember Elizabeth Banks as the woman who almost took Steve Carell's virginity in The 40-Year-Old Virgin? The actress is often our favorite part of really funny films. 

  • Betty White


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    Our favorite Golden Girl has shown us that comedy has no age limits. Betty White is still making us laugh, even in her 90s!

  • Ellie Kemper


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    We can't wait for the second season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Actress Ellie Kemper's talent for cheerful, zany comedy has put the show at the top of our must-see TV list.

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  • Maya Rudolph


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    As one of our favorite actresses and spot-on Beyoncé impressionists, we are eagerly awaiting Maya Rudolph's full-time return to TV.

  • Kate McKinnon


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    As the newest break-out star of SNLKate McKinnon's comedy prowess has filled the hole in our hearts that Kristen Wiig left behind when she exited the show.

  • Casey Wilson


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    If you haven't seen Casey Wilson on the Hotwives parody series on Hulu, you are missing out on comedy gold. 

  • Amy Schumer


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    Is there anything that Amy Schumer can't do? With a hit movie and an Emmy-winning TV series under her belt, her career is currently red-hot.

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