Royal Family Bra Fitter Spills Details of Kate Middleton's Unmentionables

kate middleton queen elizabethWhile it may not seem prim and proper to discuss the underwear of Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton, it's something we must talk about. Besides, I never claimed to be prim or proper. The royal underthings are so coveted, even Kim Kardashian wears them. We've got some dirt on them (not actual dirt). And now you can wear them, too.


Of course it's not the Queen's actual underwear you can wear, but the brand -- Rigby & Peller. They sell some seriously sexy lace boyshorts I would love to have. Pricey, but quality. The retailer is the official underpinnings seller to the Queen, and let's just note that there are no granny panties sold here. So when the Queen wants a blue bra and undies to match her blue skirt suit, this is where she gets it. 

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Kate, too. I bet she's a plunge cup kind of girl. Flower prints. A little bit of lace. I hope the Kate and Queen have different styles because it might be kind of weird for Will to think about his grandmum and wife shopping at the same sexy underwear shop.

The shop's lingerie expert June Kenton told Glamour that sometimes they are called upon a couple of times a month to outfit the royals in just the right kind of lingerie. Special occasions or when they want something new ... or blue. Other times months go by without a need. I would bet Kate phoned them up after having Princess Charlotte -- that's the perfect time to treat yourself to some new pretty little underthings.

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It used to be that you had to go to the land where the Queen rules to head into this lingerie store (or purchase online). But Rigby & Peller are now in New York, Atlanta, Houston, Miami, and Chicago, and have plans for other American cities. Get yourself some of the royal knickers.


Image via WeirPhotos/Splash News

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