Khloe Kardashian's Bare Butt Workout Pic Takes Fitness Goals to a New Level (PHOTO)

khloe kardashian Khloe Kardashian is killing it lately, and her new photos certainly are no exception. Khloe posted a series of uber-sexy pics to her website -- which you have to "unlock," FYI -- where all she's wearing is a thong bathing suit and a pair of sneakers, and all we can say is: Holy booty!


Khloe posted the photos, which her makeup artist took of her in St. Barths after she went for a run. Her body looks out of control and the reality star was sure to position herself so that we all got an eyeful of her bottom. 

Check Khloe out:

Kinda crazy, huh? That's a sexy bum if I've ever seen one. Khloe, what the hell are you doing to get such a shapely bottom while you seem to be shrinking everywhere else? Tell us!

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Khloe clearly is loving her new body right now -- as she should; she looks amazing. And if this was some sort of ploy to try to get people to subscribe to her website, I have no idea how it's not going to work. Gorgeous.


Image via khloekardashian/Instagram

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