14 Celebs With Eyebrows So Bold You'll Ditch Your Tweezers (PHOTOS)

cara delevingneBold and beautiful eyebrows are having their moment -- gone are the days of tweezing all but a tiny line away (thank goodness!). The natural-looking brow is thick and there isn't a concern about being overly "perfect." It's a look many of the hottest celebs have, and it's quite inspiring.


If you've already plucked or waxed your eyebrows so much there is no chance of regrowth, never fear. Makeup counters everywhere have the tools to get you this striking look. For the rest of us, we may find ourselves second-guessing what hairs to tweeze -- sometimes a little unruly and overgrown looks very sexy.

Check out these 14 celebrities with awe-inspiring bold brows.


Image via Splash News

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