The Evolution of Prince Harry's Face: From Scruffy to Smooth & Back Again (PHOTOS)

Meredith Gordon | Oct 12, 2015 Celebrities

Prince HarryPrince Harry, William's younger brother, really does have it all. Harry's got royal perks, good looks, and a wild streak that just might make him the most eligible bachelor in England.

But there's something new Harry has going for him -- some serious facial hair. We're not sure why England's most famous Ginger would choose to cover up his chiselled good looks with a woolly mammoth, but he has. Royal watchers are tracking Harry's growth and so are we -- check it out!

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  • Rugged For Rugby


    Image via Splash News

    Harry has yet to go full-on wildman. In fact, his trimmed beard looks great.

  • Walk on the Wild Side


    Image via Splash News

    Though Harry's out in the wild, his beard isn't too wild. 

  • Hard Work


    Image via Splash News

    Harry is hard at work building houses for the homeless. That clearly leaves no time for a shave! 


  • Flight Plan


    Image via James Whatling/Splash News

    While celebrating England's 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, Harry celebrated with beard in tow.

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  • Smooth Move


    Image via Mirrorpix/Splash News

    At a friend's wedding just this past June, Harry was totally clean-shaven and showing off his smooth moves.

  • Get to the Point


    Image via

    While still keeping his beard mild, Harry joined some veterans for a battle remembrance. Clearly, he didn't remember to shave!

  • Wild About Harry


    Image via Splash News

    Harry's wild about his philanthropic duties. What do you think, are you wild about the beard? It's getting crazy!

  • In Training


    Image via Allpix / Splash News

    This year wasn't the first time Harry let his beard grow out. Way back in 2013 when he was training in Antarctica, Harry let his facial follicles go. And go. And go.

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  • Hat's Off


    Image via Splash News

    While visiting a military school in England, Harry wasn't uniform with his full-grown beard.

  • Welcome Party


    Image via Splash News

    Everyone knows Harry likes to party, but this time he's at a party celebrating the rugby World Cup. 

  • Coming Clean


    Image via Splash News

    For a charity rugby match in June, Harry comes clean with a totally fresh face.

  • Military Man


    Image via ACE/

    Before growing his full beard, Harry kept his look clean for the Trooping of Color. Surely, the Queen had something to say about that.

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  • Going Wild


    Image via James Whatling/Splash News

    William is clearly going wild at the rugby World Cup, while Harry lets his wild beard speak for itself.

  • Fan Girl


    Image via KCS Presse / Splash News

    Harry is a fan of rugby. This fan is clearly a fan of Harry's, beard and all.

  • On Safari


    Image via Charmain Swarts/CareForWild/ACE

    In all fairness, there's probably not a lot of places to shave at a rhino conservatory in Africa.

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