Kate Middleton & Prince William Enforce a 'No-Fly' Zone Over Their Home

Princess Charlotte's first Christmas is going to be an extremely quiet and private affair if her parents have any say in it. Kate Middleton and Prince William have reportedly ordered a no-fly zone over their Anmer Hall home from November until February in an effort to protect their privacy.


The royal couple have reportedly been given permission by the Civil Aviation Authority to enforce a no-fly zone that would forbid any aircraft — including drones — from flying below 2,000 feet and within 1.5 miles of their country estate in Norfolk. The ban will start sometime next month and last about three months, coinciding with the holiday season.

The extreme measure was taken "in view of the need for security for the royal family," according to the Department for Transport, which really has to make you think: How awful must it be for them to be constantly bombarded by paparazzi and ordinary folk trying to take photos of Charlotte and George and invade their privacy? It's so creepy.

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Safety seems to be a number one concern for Kate and William, and who can blame them? They've had to issue warnings and requests to the press several times since George's birth two years ago to leave their children alone. Most recently, in August, Kensington Palace released a statement warning paparazzi to stop using long-range lenses in order to capture photos of the family.

Kate and Will already have an enormous amount of pressure on them at all times — to be flawless, charitable, and the perfect parents. If Kate so much as gets bangs she is placed under a microscope — I can't imagine the anxiety she and Will feel knowing their children's security is being compromised at all times.

Requesting a no-fly zone may seem like an extreme measure, but if it's the only way they can enjoy some peace of mind, particularly during the one time of the year when they should be allowed to relax with their family, then so be it.


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