Kris Jenner Thinks Scott Disick Needs to Go to Jail

scott disickKris Jenner is suggesting that Scott Disick needs jail time to straighten himself out. When someone suggests jail time, you know it's bad. The look on Kourtney's face when her mom suggests this says it all. She knows it's true -- she's already done so much to help him and nothing is working. She's worried about his safety.


She has three kids with him, remember. The youngest isn't even a year old yet and the oldest is only 5. This Keeping Up With the Kardashians clip really shows the severity of the situation. 

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It's not just about Scott's wandering eye and hands. He's out of control. For Kourt, it's one of those table discussions where you know your sister and mother are right, and you are coming to terms with the whole sad truth. The truth is that the father of her kids, the man she loves and has done just about everything for, has a very big problem that he doesn't seem to want to address.

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Matriarch Kris thinks he needs the ultimate wake-up call and she does blame his use of alcohol. In jail, there wouldn't be any of that. Rehab clearly wasn't enough -- he skipped out on that without the bars to confine him.

I can see the hurt on Kourt's face and I really feel for her. She's in a tough position. She has three kids with him. She can't just forget about him even if she isn't romantically involved with him anymore. The whole thing is just so sad. No amount of hot body selfies is going to take away from all the pain here.


Image via kourtneykardash/Instagram

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