Lance Bass Open Up About Being Harassed by Hollywood Bigwig During 'N Sync Days (VIDEO)

Another former boy-band member dropped a bombshell this week. On Wednesday's episode of The Meredith Vieira Show, Lance Bass confessed to having been molested as a teen during his 'N Sync days.


He was on a panel discussing Ashley Judd's recent revelation that she had been sexually harassed by a Hollywood bigwig, and he pointed out that it's not just females this happens to.

"This also happens to men, too. It’s a two-way street," the 36-year-old confessed. "It had happened to me."

He said he was around 16 or 17, when he and "the guys" (presumably meaning that he wasn't the only member of the band to be victimized) worked with someone who was obviously a pedophile and was touching him inappropriately.

He also claimed that he didn't feel victimized at the time, but understood that it was "odd." He said he and the guys never told anyone, but talked about it together. "We would kind of joke about it but it's not a joking thing, but as a kid, it was just odd."

I think this type of thing happens all too often, especially to young up-and-coming stars in the industry, and unfortunately, they don't all fare as well as Bass. I'm glad that he chose to speak out about it, to take away some of the stigma others might be feeling that they're the only ones, or that something's wrong with them.

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Plus, maybe this will put extra eyes on the inside to prevent these situations from occurring at all. If pedophiles feel like they're going to get caught or be called out, they'll be less likely to act. We hope. At least they may be caught sooner and kept from destroying even more lives.

What Lance Bass went through totally sucks, and I commend him for talking openly about it now. Watch the video below to hear Lance describe his experience:


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