Miranda Lambert's Divorce From Blake Shelton Is Just What Her Career Needed

miranda lambert inspiredThis singer's love life might not be in the best place, but her songwriting has never been stronger. Miranda Lambert says since her divorce from Blake Shelton she's felt "more inspired" than ever. 


Good for her! We're particularly happy to hear that she's feeling fulfilled in light of recent comments Shelton made about how he's "loving" his new single life. Ugh. 

And it completely makes sense that she's able to tap into all this raw emotion and use it to fuel her art. After a breakup you feel things more deeply, and if you're able to express those sentiments in song, it has to be extremely cathartic and healing.  

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Lambert says she's written music nearly every day of the entire summer, leaving us to wonder if maybe Shelton or their strained relationship was blocking her creativity.

Or, maybe she's annoyed that the Voice star seems to be moving on so easily AND reportedly flirting with his costar, the newly single Gwen Stefani. Letting him know that her career is just as strong as she is might be her best (and most profitable) revenge!

Her new album will undoubtedly be a revealing one fans are dying to hear!  


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