Prince William & Prince Harry Get Naughty Nicknames on Reality TV Show Set

While most of the world refers to them as "Your Royal Highnesses," Prince William and Prince Harry were given very different nicknames on the set of DIY SOS, the reality TV series in which they helped build a veterans' village. And, in case you're wondering, the Queen would not be amused.


The crew and cast of the BBC home renovation show was probably thrilled to have the royal siblings appear on the series and lend a hand in renovating eight buildings, an entire street, and the facade of 62 houses in Manchester — can you imagine getting that kind of high-profile support? — but that doesn't mean they weren't a little uneasy about how to treat them.

When it came time to address them, host Nick Knowles said everyone called the princes "Your Royal Highnesses," but that they proved they are as down-to-earth as anyone else when they then asked to be called simply "Harry and Wills." But the construction workers, who banter back and forth, took things one step further. Hello! reports that an electrician on set named Billy, who calls everyone "sausage," addressed William and Harry as "Your Royal Sausage."

Harry's response, as usual, is perfect: "If you're going to call me 'Sausage,' it's going to be a very long day!" And, according to Knowles, that was just one quip of many delivered by the princes because they aren't precious: They can give back as good as they get.

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How hilarious and, more importantly, normal are they? Anyone can don a hard hat, spend a few hours on a TV set, and walk away claiming they truly made a difference in people's lives. But Harry and Will are more substance than flash, and the proof is in the fact that they don't seem to consider themselves above anyone else and don't expect the royal treatment, even though their very names and statuses suggest that's exactly what they should get wherever they roam.

There's also something very appealing about having a good sense of humor, and both Harry and Will have been blessed with funny bones. Not taking themselves too seriously helps put those around them at ease. The more we find out about the brothers, the more human and (dare I say it) just like us they become.


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