Kylie Jenner's 'Fake' Butt Can Finally Be Explained (PHOTO)

kylie jennerToday we must turn our attention to Kylie Jenner's butt -- we've exhausted the conversation about her lips so it's time to move on. Besides, she has given us good reason to do so after posting a selfie to Snapchat wearing Spanx. It has some people wondering if she wears butt pads. Fake butt? It can't be!


It isn't. Those goods are real.

But still, Kylie Jenner wearing Spanx makes me want to cry. She's 18. There should be something somewhere that says that no 18-year-old should wear shapewear because maybe save that for us old ladies who have had a few kids. Okay. We don't need them either because we are all beautiful no matter what. Okay? Okay.

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Kylie is wearing Spanx -- and a pair that makes it seem like she has some sort of butt padding in there. This is what happens when an 18-year-old that looks like Kylie Jenner wears Spanx. In other words: She doesn't need them. There is no butt padding -- it's just the difference of thickness in the fabric where the butt cheeks are. And yes, I totally just wrote butt cheeks and I giggled when I did. (I may not have the ass of an 18-year-old but I do have the sense of humor of one.)

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As it turns out, these Spanx are made to give the look of a perky rear, and since Kylie already has one, seeing it in one of these contraptions makes it look unreal. Her lips may have some fakeness, but her ass is all hers ... here it's just wrapped in a beige fabric, like a gift.

She shouldn't be troubled by the accusation that she wears butt pads. She doesn't, but her butt is just so perfect it appears as if she does. Anyone (much older than 18) would take that as a compliment.

Besides, what's the big deal here? Butt-lifting Spanx are kind of the same as a push-up bra.


Image via kyliejenner/Instagram

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