Kourtney Kardashian's Revenge Body Makes Us Do a Double Take Once Again (PHOTO)

Continuing on her revenge body tour, Kourtney Kardashian displayed her toned physique while hiking on Monday. Her ex Scott Disick may have a new 18-year-old fling, but this woman has something better - body confidence.


Kourtney was outfitted in a black sports bra and workout pants, and we can't help but notice the ginormous grin on her face. She looks so happy and youthful, probably the most refreshed we've seen her in years.

Monday morning hike. ��

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Given her very public breakup with Scott, there's a lot of speculation that the reality star's "healthies" are all in the name of showing him what he's missing, but we personally think that's just an added bonus.

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Instead of running around with random dudes (which doesn't seem like her style), Kourt has channeled her stress into exercise, making her even stronger than before. Who wouldn't want to do that for themselves? She is a mom of three kids, and it seems more like the 36-year-old is using what little free time she has to do right by herself and less about getting the attention of an ex-boyfriend who treated her poorly.

Scott can keep partying with 18-year-old models -- Kourtney seems to be on the right path (both literally and figuratively).


Image via Photographer Group/Splash News

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