Rihanna Praises Rachel Dolezal for Pretending to Be Black -- Um, No

rihannaThis singer is known for making some pretty wild statements, but usually it's with her clothing selections. But this time Rihanna is hailing Rachel Dolezal as "a bit of a hero" for "changing people's perspective" by disguising herself as a black woman. 


The former NAACP leader came under fire earlier this year after her estranged parents stated that their daughter is in fact white but was "being deceptive and dishonest about her identity."

Yet in the November issue of Vanity Fair, Rihanna asks: "Is it such a horrible thing that she pretended to be black?"

Dolezal's mom answered that question best when she said to the Spokane Spokesman-Review, "Her effectiveness in the causes of the African-American community would have been so much more viable, and she would have been more effective if she had just been honest with everybody."

It's wonderful to serve as a human rights activist and advocate, but it's another to willfully deceive the public.

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Remember the trouble Ted Danson and Julianne Hough got into for appearing in blackface? Some have likened Dolezal's actions to an extended-play version of those stunts. 

Dolezal's general confusion, exhibited in her interview with Matt Lauer in which she couldn't answer simple questions about her identity, undermined her, and rather than being seen as a woman who was standing up for a community, she became an object of ridicule and pity. 

Would a white woman pretending to be Asian or Indian be considered a role model? Would a black woman telling people she is white be deemed brave? No, these women would be considered delusional. 

A hero is defined as someone admired for his or her noble deeds or brave qualities. While Dolezal may have started out with good intentions, as we often tell our children, lying will pretty much always lead you into trouble.


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