Carole Middleton Spotted Shopping for All Things Pink for Princess Charlotte

carole middletonEven though Princess Charlotte isn't going to wear dresses anytime soon (thanks to tradition), there are plenty of adorable outfits to adorn the sweet daughter of Kate Middleton and Prince William. And who better to shop for cute clothes than Grandma. Not the Queen, but Carole Middleton was out shopping for Charlotte -- and she picked up some adorable things.


Though, I would imagine that Queen Elizabeth has shopped for her granddaughter, too. Maybe just online, though, because stepping out with all her royalness might be too difficult. And yes, even the Queen would shop online, I believe. She does Skype. So modern.

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Grandma Carole, though, was out and about in the Kings Road area shopping at spots like Trotters and Russell & Bromley. The latter is men and women's clothes, so maybe she picked up something for Kate ... or she just shopped for herself (maybe even both). Go Grandma!

Trotters is all about kids and they have some of the cutest things around like sweet sweaters with bunnies on them, adorable floral prints, and gray tops with white ruffle collars -- I could see Charlotte in all of it. Royally adorable. Carole was seen holding a couple of pale pink items while looking around the shop.

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Judging by Carole's bag from the store, she clearly bought a lot. I'm sure there was something in there for George, too. Now we have to prepare ourselves for the cuteness because one of these days (hopefully soon) we will catch a glimpse of Charlotte in her new clothes causing parents to covet the items for their own kids.


Image via Jesa/Tanna/Splash News

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