18-Year-Old Model Insists She's Not Scott Disick's Girlfriend (Yeah, OK)

scott disickIf Scott Disick has any interest in getting back together with Kourtney Kardashian, he's got a funny way of showing it. Recently, photos of Disick getting cozy with a blonde -- who's 18 -- surfaced, causing the gossip mill to fire up full-speed. However, now the blonde, who's name is Lindsay Vrckovnik, is claiming that there's nothing going on with Scott at all. O RLY?!


Vrckovnik, who has a boyfriend, says that she was simply hanging out with a bunch of her model friends in NYC when the gang decided to move the party to Miami. Disick, who was hanging with the squad, happily joined them. But, according to Vrckovnik, that's where things ended (despite the pics of her lying on him, the two walking around together, etc.).

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Whatever is going on between these two -- whether it's completely innocent or not -- it's not a good look for Disick, who's, by the way, a father of three. Even if he doesn't want to get back together with Kourtney, he should be focusing on his kids and getting his shit together. Not following a bunch of models to Miami.

If Disick had any hope at all about patching things up with Kourt, surely that dream is dashed now. I know that he's the father of her children and all, but she would have to be nuts to get back together with him. Clearly, the dude is never going to change. 

Even though Disick's behavior is incredibly obnoxious these days, it's actually really sad. Despite having a beautiful girlfriend and three gorgeous, healthy kids, he's obviously not happy. Instead of partying, he should be getting help -- and not just for his family, but also for himself. 


Image via STARPICZ/Splash News

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