15 Obvious Signs That Chelsy Davy Is the One for Prince Harry (PHOTOS)

Amy Goldman | Oct 7, 2015 Celebrities
15 Obvious Signs That Chelsy Davy Is the One for Prince Harry (PHOTOS)

Chelsy DavyPrince Harry recently denied rumours that he's looking to settle down, but we can't help thinking he's already found his soul mate. Chelsy Davy has all the makings of the perfect addition to the royal family for when Harry is finally ready to say, "I do."

Chelsy's on-again, off-again relationship with Harry resembles the dating pattern of none other than Prince William and Kate Middleton before they finally tied the knot. Click through for our top 15 reasons why we're dreaming of a happy ever after for Chelsy and everyone's favorite ruggedly handsome prince.

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  • She Has a Long History With Harry


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    Dating Harry for so long means that Chelsy knows the prince better than anyone, so she's able to support him through the highs and lows of his life in the public eye.

  • She's Harry's Biggest Supporter


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    Ever since Chelsy met Harry in 2004, she's supported his ambitions from his military career to his charity work.

  • She Values Education More Than Fame


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    Rather than spending her time pursuing a more glamorous career, Chelsy took her education seriously. She received a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Cape Town and went on to earn a law degree from Leeds University.

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  • She's a Friend of the Family


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    Even during the off-again portions of her relationship with Prince Harry, Chelsy stayed close to her royal friends. She was spotted hanging out with Princess Eugenie on several occasions, and she attended the wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William.

  • She Knows How to Handle Life in the Spotlight


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    Dating Prince Harry for so many years has prepared Chelsy for the stress of constantly being in the limelight. Girl knows how to handle herself in public, which means we probably won't see any tabloid covers featuring Chelsy drunkenly swan-diving into a fountain. 

  • She's the Seabiscuit of Royal Weddings


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    We long for an invitation to even one royal wedding, but they're old hat for Chelsy. In addition to attending the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, she was a guest at the weddings of Lady Katie Percy and Lady Melissa Percy.

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  • She Understands That Even Princes Need Vacations


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    There's a lot of responsibility that comes with being a prince, and Chelsy knows Harry needs an occasional escape from all of the pressure. It looks like she makes the perfect vacation buddy.

  • She's a Dedicated Follower of Fashion


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    Anytime she's photographed, Chelsy embodies elegance and style. Her cuffed skinny jeans and open front blazer are perfectly on-trend.

  • She Makes Family a Priority


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    Chelsy takes time away from her busy life in London to visit her parents, Charles and Beverly, and her younger brother, Shaun, in Zimbabwe.

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  • She Looks Good in a Fascinator


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    Few women can pull off wearing a fascinator without looking ridiculous, but Chesly somehow manages to look elegant even while sporting one of these whimsical headpieces.

  • She Has a Life Outside of Harry


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    Every beloved princess has a rich life outside of her relationship with her prince. With two degrees and a job as a solicitor with the London-based law firm Allen & Overy under her belt, Chelsy clearly doesn't waste time pining for Harry.

  • She Has a Global Perspective


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    Chelsy grew up in Zimbabwe, attended school in South Africa, and worked in England. Her diverse international experiences mean that Chelsy has a better understanding of global issues than your average potential royal.

  • She Smiles With the Best of Them


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    Kate Middleton is known for her perfect smile, and Chelsy proves she can flash a megawatt smile, too.

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  • She Handles Adversity Like a Champ


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    In 2006, Chelsy was robbed at gunpoint in a wine bar near her home in Cape Town. Not only did she bravely handle the traumatic experience, but her first thoughts afterward were of Harry. She worried that their private texts would be leaked if the person who stole her phone knew who she was.

  • She Has Kate's Seal of Approval


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    Chelsy is well-educated, well-traveled, and looks great in a red coat. It's no wonder that the Duchess of Cambridge is reportedly pushing for Harry to settle down with Chelsy. We're with the duchess on this one!

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