18 Celebrities Who Got Married in Their Teens

Nanci Theoret | Oct 27, 2015 Celebrities
18 Celebrities Who Got Married in Their Teens
Image: Janet Mayer/Splash News

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Janet Mayer/Splash News

No doubt the Hollywood life can make a young star grow up too fast. So fast, in fact, that some young celebrities decided to take a trip down the aisle before they were even old enough to drink legally (and sometimes, before they could drive). The following Hollywood stars all got hitched when they were still teenagers. Some of the folks on this list might be surprising.

It's less surprising that celebs like Marilyn Monroe or even Cher count themselves among the teen brides of Hollywood. Lots of people used to get married when they were much younger. Of course, that doesn't mean getting married young has become a thing of the past. Nope, Kim Kardashian and Olivia Wilde are among today's hottest celebs who also fell under the spell of teenaged love and turned it into a marriage. 

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We've rounded up some of the big-name celebrities who tied the knot before age 20. Some of these marriages we remember, but some, we're pretty sure, they'd rather we forget. 

Spoiler alert: As we learn from these former teenage lovebirds, love this young seldom survives.

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  • Macaulay Culkin & Rachel Miner


    Image © Frank Trapper/Sygma/Corbis

    Culkin was no longer Home Alone when, at 17, the child star wed actress Miner in 1998, stunning fans and Hollywood insiders. The couple separated in 2000 and divorced in 2002.

  • LeAnn Rimes & Dean Sheremet


    Image © 2003 Phil Ramey/RameyPix/Corbis

    The Grammy-winning country singer married her backup dancer Dean Sheremet in 2002 when she was 19. The couple divorced in 2010 amid rumors that she cheated on him with now-hubby Eddie Cibrian.

  • Olivia Wilde & Tao Ruspoli

    Olivia Wilde Tao Ruspoli
    Herbert P. Oczeret/epa/Corbis

    Wilde married her Italian prince Tao Ruspoli, a filmmaker, photographer, and musician, when she was 19, in a secret ceremony on a bus. Only two witnesses attended the June 2003 nuptials. The couple divorced in 2011.

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  • Solange Knowles & Daniel Smith

    solange knowles 2004
    Theo Wargo/Getty Images

    Bey’s younger sis Solange married her high school sweetheart, Daniel Smith, in 2004, when she was just 17, and Smith was 19. Later that same year, they had a son together, Daniel Julez J. Smith, Jr. The couple later divorced in 2007.

  • Demi Moore & Freddy Moore


    Image © Corbis

    Before she became a Brat Pack darling in the mid-1980s, the former Demi Guynes was Mrs. Freddy Moore. She was 18 when she married the musician in 1980. The couple divorced in 1985.

  • Drew Barrymore & Jeremy Thomas


    Image © Mario Anzuoni/Reuters/Corbis

    We all know the beloved Ms. Barrymore was a wild child in her teens. She was engaged at 16 to Leland Hayward, and two years later she was slated to wed Jamie Walters. Barrymore eventually did become a teenage bride when she took the walk down the aisle, marrying Welsh bartender Jeremy Thomas in 1994 when she was 19. The couple had been dating six weeks and divorced after two months.  

  • Bo Derek & John Derek


    Image © Bettmann/Corbis

    The sex symbol was already married to a man 30 years older when she splashed onto the scene wearing beaded braids and an asset-flaunting swimsuit in 1979’s 10. Bo began dating director John Derek when she was only 16, moving with him to Germany to avoid U.S. statutory rape laws. They married in 1976 when she was 18 and remained a couple until John’s death in 1998.

  • Marilyn Monroe & James Dougherty


    Image © Screen Prod/Photononstop/Corbis

    Years before she became the icon we know her as today, a 15-year-old Norma Jean Baker married family friend James Dougherty in 1942. Their four-year marriage ended when a recently discovered Monroe was banned by her studio contract from both marriage and pregnancy.

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  • Courtney Stodden & Doug Hutchison


    Image © Vladimir Labissiere/Splash News/Corbis

    Stodden was propelled to celeb status in 2011 when at 16 she married Green Mile actor Doug Hutchison, 50. The couple has had a rocky relation, separating in 2013 but reconciling in 2014. As of this post, we think they’re still together.

  • Sonny & Cher


    Image © Bettmann/Corbis

    Cherilyn Sarkisian was just 18 years old when she married 29-year-old Sonny Bono in 1964. They divorced 11 years later, though they made some beautiful music together.

  • Kim Kardashian & Damon Thomas

    young Kim Kardashian
    Splash News/Splash News/Corbis

    Before Kanye and her 72-day marriage to Kris Humphries, a 19-year-old Kim eloped with music producer Damon Thomas in 2000. Thomas filed for divorce three years later, and the split was finalized in 2004.

  • Janet Jackson & James DeBarge


    Image © Neal Preston/Corbis

    While her family was away in LA, 18-year-old Ms. Jackson played, eloping with musician James DeBarge in September 1984 while on set in NYC for the TV show Fame. She applied for an annulment in January 1985 and the marriage was voided that November.

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  • Melanie Griffith & Don Johnson


    Image © Frank Trapper/Corbis

    Griffin was only 14 when she started dating Johnson, mom Tippi Hedren’s costar in The Harrad Experiment, and 18 when she married him in 1975. They divorced a year later but remarried in 1989, remaining together until 1996. 

  • Loretta Lynn & Oliver “Doolittle” “Doo” Lynn


    Image © Bettmann/Corbis

    The country music star legend stood by her man during their 48-year marriage. The couple wed in 1948 a month before Loretta’s 16th birthday and had four of their six children by the time she was 20. Unlike most stories of young love, the couple remained married until Doo’s death in 1996.

  • Taran Noah Smith & Heidi Van Pelt


    Image © Lisa O'Connor/ZUMA/Corbis

    Known as the youngest son of Tim Allen’s Home Improvement persona, Smith was 17 when he married 33-year-old Van Pelt in 2001. They lasted six years, divorcing in 2007.

  • Milla Jovovich & Shawn Andrews


    Image © Steve Jennings/Corbis

    We’ve all heard the stories about romance on movie sets. A 16-year-old Jovovich took it a step further when she married her 21-year-old Dazed and Confused costar in 1992. Mom stepped in and had the marriage annulled two months later.

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  • Elizabeth Taylor & Conrad Hilton


    Image © Bettmann/Corbis

    The hotelier became the first of Taylor's several ex-husbands after marrying the 18-year-old actress in May 1950. Their union lasted nine months.

  • Ava Gardner & Mickey Rooney


    Image © AP/Corbis

    Actor Mickey Rooney was smitten by the dark-haired Southern beauty the moment he met the 18-year-old. Gardner eventually acquiesced to Rooney’s repeated requests for a date and married him in 1942, following a barrage of proposals following their first date. They divorced in 1943.

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