18 Celebrities Who Got Married in Their Teens

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No doubt the Hollywood life can make a young star grow up too fast. So fast, in fact, that some young celebrities decided to take a trip down the aisle before they were even old enough to drink legally (and sometimes, before they could drive). The following Hollywood stars all got hitched when they were still teenagers. Some of the folks on this list might be surprising.


It's less surprising that celebs like Marilyn Monroe or even Cher count themselves among the teen brides of Hollywood. Lots of people used to get married when they were much younger. Of course, that doesn't mean getting married young has become a thing of the past. Nope, Kim Kardashian and Olivia Wilde are among today's hottest celebs who also fell under the spell of teenaged love and turned it into a marriage. 

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We've rounded up some of the big-name celebrities who tied the knot before age 20. Some of these marriages we remember, but some, we're pretty sure, they'd rather we forget. 

Spoiler alert: As we learn from these former teenage lovebirds, love this young seldom survives.

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