Jason Priestley Doesn't Want Anyone to Know He Slept With Tori Spelling

Last week, we found out that Tori Spelling had sex with two of her Beverly Hills, 90210, cast mates. We sort of already figured she'd done the deed with Brian Austin Green, but we were still left wondering if it was Luke Perry or Jason Priestley. She's since spilled her guts -- and someone is not happy about being outed.


Aaron Spelling's daughter was featured on Tori Spelling: Celebrity Lie Detector on Saturday on Lifetime, and she apparently has no shame, because she had no problem revealing that she and Priestley had a fling back in the day.

Host Louise Roe guessed that it was Priestly, rather than Ian Ziering or Luke Perry, whom she had hooked up with. 

Tori responded in the affirmative, and called it a "summer fling." She explained, "It was off-set. It was our version of a summer romance. The 90210 version. And that was it, and we stayed great friends for the rest of the run and beyond that, we had that one summer fling."

That friendship may be in question though, as Priestley took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the matter. "I'm not getting into this ... It's nobody's business ... Either way ..." When asked by a fan why he was hating on 90210, he said clarified that he was only talking about Tori's confession and the upcoming Lifetime movie, and that he has "nothing but love for 90210."

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I seriously don't understand why Tori Spelling felt the need to do this. Jason is right  -- it's not anyone's business. Tori's main goal in life seems to be to stay relevant, but I think she'd probably be happier if she just concentrated on living her life and raising her kids, instead of hopping from one embarrassing reality show to the next.

To each their own, I suppose ... but she had no business bringing her former costars into her tell-all confessions.


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