Prince Harry Has Us Dreaming of a Royal Romance With Pippa After Hanging With Her Family

Need more proof that Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton would be the ultimate power couple? Kate Middleton's family hung out with Harry at a rugby match — with neither Kate nor Prince William present. Yep, like the rest of the world, they seem to love him.


Harry is a huge rugby fan and has been spotted cheering from the stands at 2015 Rugby World Cup games, like any other devoted follower. On Saturday night, Harry joined the Middleton clan, including Kate's parents, Carole and Michael, and her brother, James, at the Australia vs. England match. No, Pippa doesn't appear to be anywhere in sight, and besides, she's dating Nico Jackson, so I don't actually think there's a possibility that she and Harry will hook up (sadly).

But there is something super sweet about Harry bonding with the Middletons when Kate and William are nowhere to be found. It proves that they have a close enough family connection and share common ground — pretty cool considering how some families only hang out when they're forced to see each other over the holidays.

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Perhaps Harry got tired of hearing his older brother tease him because England's national team, which counts Harry as an honorary president and vice patron, isn't doing so hot in the World Cup. They lost to Australia this past weekend and took a hit against Wales (Will's team) last week. Maybe he and the Middleton family connect over their love of England's team.

And maybe, just maybe, it's possible that Carole and Michael are secretly hoping Harry and Pippa will connect. Prince Will may be the reliable, serious son-in-law of your dreams, but Harry would be the one who gets a little drunk at your Christmas party and encourages people to dance with lampshades on their heads. The perfect balance, if you ask me.


Image via James Whatling/Splash News


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