Caitlyn Jenner Pulls a Total Kim Kardashian by Baring Her Bra (PHOTO)

caitlyn jennerVa-va-voom! Is Caitlyn Jenner taking advice from her daughters (and ex-wife)? On Saturday, Caitlyn presented an award at the Voice on Point gala in Los Angeles. But all anyone could stare at was her red hot pantsuit and the sexy lacy bra that was peeking through. Hot!


Think what you want of her, but there's absolutely no denying the fact that few people can rock a tight dress or a fitted pantsuit like Caitlyn. She's tall, strong, and, to be frank, has quite the perky bosom! She's been killing it with her outfit choices and this red suit was no exception. Check her out:

Beautiful, right? Red is definitely one of Caitlyn's colors. 

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Caitlyn was at the gala in order to present an award to Rhys Ernst, the co-producer of Transparent, and Zach Zyskowski, the producer of Becoming Us, for all that they do for the LGBTQ community. A beautiful lady presenting a beautiful award. 

It's so nice to see Caitlyn feeling comfortable enough to wear such form-fitting, feminine clothes. After being in the closet for years, she must feel amazing to strut her stuff in such gorgeous clothes. 

Looking good, Cait! Whatever you're doing, keep it up -- both for the community and for yourself.


Image via caitlynjenner/Instagram 

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