19 Times Kate Middleton's Bum Was as Perky as She Is

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Kate Middleton Prince William
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Kate Middleton is known for her style, grace, and show-stopping smile. But let's face it, the Duchess of Cambridge is also known for her rockin' bod. We love any chance we can get to see those amazing legs of hers -- and of course, her bum. But because of royal fashion protocol, this doesn't happen too often. However, even with her more conservative style, Kate still manages to look unbelievably... shall we say it... sexy.  


Kate is dedicated to her strict exercise regimen and follows a very regimented diet, and clearly it's paid off. But even though she's thin, Kate isn't skin and bones -- she's got a backside that could make a world leader blush. And we're certain that it already has. 

Overall, it's easy to tell that the Duchess of Cambridge promotes and practices a healthy lifestyle, and in return, she has an amazingly fit body. Being a part of the royal family, it's expect that Kate be a role model to her public, and what better way to be that than to set an example for clean eating and body movement. 

Dieting and exercise aside, it's fun just to appreciate Kate's great body and to realize that Prince William is one lucky bloke -- but we're sure he already knows that. Let's have a look at all the times Kate's bum was as perky as a royal.

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