Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux Are So In Sync They Even Dress Alike (PHOTO)

jennifer aniston justin therouxMarried life is (of course) amazing for Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux. The gorgeous couple are in Austin for Justin's show The Leftovers's premiere and to hang out with Sandra Bullock and her boyfriend Bryan Randall. What's really adorable is the fact that Jen and Justin dressed alike for the big red carpet event.


This is most definitely something that famous people need to take into consideration -- or any couple really. You can't have one wearing a vintage flower print and the other in some kind of two-tone modern look. Well, you can, but what does it really say about you as a couple? It says you aren't in sync. At least fashion-wise. Or otherwise if we're reading the tea leaves. 

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are most definitely in sync.

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jennifer aniston justin theroux

Could they be any cooler? The answer is no.

You can never go wrong with the color black -- my personal favorite. Jennifer even decided to go with a jumper. It's simple yet totally chic. Love those pockets. She wore the outfit with sexy stilettos and, as usual, perfect hair.

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Justin wore that skinny tie to perfection. His suit was also perfection. The messy hair and raised eyebrow ... yet again ... perfection. This guy is solid.

They just seem like such a thoughtful couple. But easygoing, laid-back. I can imagine Justin asking Jen, What are you wearing to this thing? She'd reply, That cute black jumper I got the other day.

With those shoes I like? he'd ask. Yes, she'd say. Okay, I'll wear my black suit.

So cool. So in love. So in sync.


Images via; PG/Splash News

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