Johnny Depp 'Wasn't Expecting' Daughter Lily-Rose to Be Such a Success (Really?!)

johnny depp, lily-rose deppI've always thought of Johnny Depp as a pretty smart guy with a pretty good idea of how the world works, but now I'm wondering if maybe I was wrong: The actor claims to not have expected his breathtakingly gorgeous daughter Lily-Rose's career to take off so quickly


When asked about the 16-year-old model's recent success (she's the new face of Chanel's Pearl Eyewear), Depp was characteristically blunt:

"To be honest, I'm quite worried," he said.

"I wasn't expecting all this to happen to Lily-Rose, especially not at this age," he told Germany's Gala magazine.

"But it's her passion and she's having fun," he said.

It's also her fate, pretty much. I mean, has Johnny ever looked in the mirror or seen pictures of himself? And surely he's well aware of what ex Vanessa Paradis (Lily-Rose's mom) looks like. What, like this kid wasn't gonna come out as a bewitchingly lovely woodland nymph creature? Seriously, if you haven't scrolled through Lily-Rose's Instagram, I highly recommend it. It's kind of like reading a fanciful picture book about a sad-eyed little Parisian girl who has all sorts of magical adventures with her many charming and whimsical friends. It will make you want to eat a baguette while skipping through a meadow in a camisole and tall striped socks with a large talking rabbit.

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Anyway. Johnny Depp, on some level you knew this was what your daughter was going to be like. You were completely expecting this. So instead of worrying, why not embrace it? Go hang out with your kid and her effortlessly hip squad! ('Cause frankly, there should be more shots of you on her Instagram.) 


Image via lilyrose depp/Instagram

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