Kylie Jenner Has a New Rolls-Royce Because This Girl is Krazy for Kars (VIDEOS)

kylie jennerToday in Kylie Jenner New Car News: Kylie Jenner has a new car! No, like, another new car. Not the $115,000 Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon boyfriend Tyga gave her, and not the $320,000 white Ferrari 482 Italia boyfriend Tyga gave her. Now Kylie has a $320,000 Rolls-Royce Ghost! (Who knew so many cars cost $320,000??)


The 18-year-old clearly has lots of places to go (and the ability to divide and multiply herself into several separate car-driving Kylies), because one luxury vehicle is just not gonna do it for this girl. Nope, Kylie the Kar Kollector is on a mission to find and own as many cars costing $320,000 as possible. She is, as one of her friends was heard saying in a Spapchat vid as her new Rolls was delivered, "such a rapper now." Indeed, see how natural Kylie looks sliding behind the wheel of her phat new ride:

And then, of course, it was time for a ride around town. (Wait, which one of those girls is Kylie?? See, I told you she could divide and multiply herself!!)

Kylie in Anastasia Karanikolaou's snapchat (stassiebabeyy)

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What a fun time for those Barbie dolls!!! Wheeeee, vrooom vrooom!!!

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Wanna know more stuff about Kylie's cars?? Well, apparently she didn't like the color of that Ferrari Tyga gave her (white) so she had it painted matte gray with orange rims. Edgy! And she also changed the color of the Mercedes from her boyfriend from its original cherry red to baby blue. Colors! So many to choose from. And Tyga keeps selecting the wrong ones! No wonder Kylie had to pick out her own damn car this time. 

Wheee, vroom vroom!!


Image via kyliejenner/Instagram

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