12 Men Who Wooed Kim Kardashian Before Kanye Scooped Her Up

Meredith Gordon | Oct 13, 2015 Celebrities
12 Men Who Wooed Kim Kardashian Before Kanye Scooped Her Up
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Kim Kardashian
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Kanye West may be the third Mr. Kim Kardashian, but there just so happens to be a plethora of other suitors lying in his wake. And that's because Kim had a lot of boyfriends before Kanye made it legal with her -- and many of them also had some pretty recognizable names. Some of them are even kind of surprising. And it's also safe to say that Kim doesn't have just one type -- because these guys are all over the place. 

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From musicians to professional athletes to one of her own bodyguards, Kim K. definitely explored her options before she settled down (not that there is anything wrong with that). Some of her exes are people many of us have definitely heard of, like Reggie Bush, but some of them may have people scratching their heads. 

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But, no matter who she was with in the past, we are happy that she ended up with Kanye. The couple seems very happy together and they have created such a beautiful family. But, as much as we love Kimye, it can be pretty entertaining to take a look back at Kim's dating history. Here are 12 guys she dated before she tied the knot with Yeezy. 

  • Reggie Bush


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    Long before Kanye or Kris, there was Reggie. The football star and the reality star dated on and off for three years. And though many thought they'd go the distance and get married, Kim ended up marrying Kris Humphries and Reggie married a Kim K. doppelgänger. Coincidence?

  • Nick Lachey


    Image via Roger Wong/INFphoto.com

    After Lachey's divorce from Jessica Simpson, he briefly dated Kim. They were even spotted holding hands in public, which in Hollywood is as good as a commitment.

  • Ray J Norwood


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    Kim may have inadvertently gotten famous for her sex tape, but so did someone else: Ray J. He's not only Kim's ex and Whitney Houston's ex, he's also singer Brandy's little bro. She must be so proud.

  • Nick Cannon


    Image via AdMedia / Splash News

    Before Cannon tied the knot (and divorced) diva Mariah Carey, he dated Kardashian in 2006. Wonder if she appreciates his recent conversation with Howard Stern, and his millions of listeners, in which he discussed sleeping with Kim. What a gentleman!

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  • Shengo Deane


    Image via Splash News

    In an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim is seen kissing her hot Australian bodyguard Shengo Deane, who has guarded other celebs in the past, including Elton John.

  • Miles Austin


    Image via Jackson Lee / Splash News

    For three months in 2010, Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin was the most envied man in the NFL, except by the other NFL players who already dated Kim.

  • Gabriel Aubrey


    Image via Splash News

    Halle Berry's ex, and daughter Nahla's dad, briefly dated Kim in 2010 after he and Halle split. Kim seems to have been very busy in 2010. That said, Gabriel's hot.

  • Kris Humphries


    Image via Clint Brewer / Splash News

    Their divorce lasted longer than their marriage. Thank goodness it was all captured on film for Kim's reality show so we could have the pleasure of seeing it.

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  • Damon Thomas


    Image via Fapian / Zodiac / Splash News

    He'll be forever known as the first ex Mr. Kim Kardashian, but Thomas is a successful music producer who happened to be married to Kim from 2000–2004. Who knew? 

  • John Mayer


    Image via TwisT/Splash News

    They're both serial daters, so it makes sense that Kardashian and Mayer would eventually find each other. Rumor has it the two briefly dated in 2010. 

  • Michael Copon


    Image via Tina Lau / Splash News

    In her post–Kris Humphries dating blitz, Kim said she'd be open for some hookups, including singer Michael Copon.

  • Cristiano Ronaldo


    Image via Aflo / Splash News

    No matter what you think of Kim, you can't deny she's got game for landing Real Madrid hottie Ronaldo. He may have a playboy reputation, but it's worth it. Hope she took a zillion selfies with his abs -- we would!

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