12 Men Who Wooed Kim Kardashian Before Kanye Scooped Her Up

Kim Kardashian
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Kanye West may be the third Mr. Kim Kardashian, but there just so happens to be a plethora of other suitors lying in his wake. And that's because Kim had a lot of boyfriends before Kanye made it legal with her -- and many of them also had some pretty recognizable names. Some of them are even kind of surprising. And it's also safe to say that Kim doesn't have just one type -- because these guys are all over the place. 


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From musicians to professional athletes to one of her own bodyguards, Kim K. definitely explored her options before she settled down (not that there is anything wrong with that). Some of her exes are people many of us have definitely heard of, like Reggie Bush, but some of them may have people scratching their heads. 

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But, no matter who she was with in the past, we are happy that she ended up with Kanye. The couple seems very happy together and they have created such a beautiful family. But, as much as we love Kimye, it can be pretty entertaining to take a look back at Kim's dating history. Here are 12 guys she dated before she tied the knot with Yeezy. 

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