Scott Disick Takes 18-Year-Old Model on Vacation & Now We're Really Grossed Out

scott disickOh, come on, Scott Disick. Come. ON! We wanted to think that story about you dating an 18-year-old model was just a bunch of talk. When we heard about you and Lindsay Vrckovnik being spotted together in NYC, we wanted to write it off as a casual hang-out kind of thing. But now that the two of you went to Miami together? Ugh, come on!!


Just a few days after Scott and Lindsay were snapped on the streets of Manhattan, the father of Kourtney Kardashian's three children and his new blonde companion were again captured by cameras being quite obviously very chummy at the Setai hotel in Miami. (Think bikinis, sun, and lots of lying around looking fabulously rich and/or lazy.) And if that's not bad enough, TMZ "sources" said they were "very flirty." 

Welp, there's pretty much no denying that something is happening with these two now, whether it's just a fling or ... a slightly longer fling. And that's just a huge disappointment on so many levels. First, there's the GROSS factor: Scott is 32! She's 18! She just graduated high school!! Did he feel like he was chaperoning a field trip to South Beach when he took her on vacation? 'Cause I would have, in his shoes. I mean, we all knew Scott was one hell of a shady playah even before this little girl came along, but ... 18?! That's Kylie's age, Scott!! And you're even older than Tyga!!

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It's also disappointing for anyone who's been holding out any sort of hope that Kourtney and Scott might get back together. Because Kourt can forgive (and has forgiven) a lot of things, but Scott might have gone too far this time. Let's hope Lindsay doesn't waste too much time being this guy's rebound!



Image via letthelordbewithyou/Instagram

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