Kaley Cuoco's Latest Instagrams Make Me Think She's Really Hurting Over Divorce (PHOTOS)

kaley cuocoThe marriage of Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting is over -- perhaps not in the legal sense (just yet), but in heart and mind, the love is gone and both are moving on. Ryan has disappeared from social media, but Kaley is going strong, posting many happy photos of herself doing the things she loves (and Ryan supposedly hated). I can see the hurt she's feeling through the smiles.


There is this photo of Kaley showing off that she is Kaley Cuoco. No more Sweeting. This is a big moment when there is a breakup. It does represent hope, but it also feels sad.

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And my weekend starts right now �� @mastersgrandslam

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So many smiles and thumbs-up. Is she trying to show that she is okay ... while also trying to convince herself that she really is?

And here she is back on the horse -- something that Ryan reportedly didn't like her doing that much. She's clearly having fun and joking around, and perhaps boasting a little to her ex that she is moving on.

Before..... � (photo cred @claudcraig )

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Divorce is so hard -- I've been there. But with Kaley being so in the public eye, it has this added element to worry about. Maybe that's why Ryan disappeared for now. Sure is much easier to do that than to take the time to delete every photo of your ex like Kaley did. She's putting in a lot of effort to move on -- and that's what you have to do in times like these. But we have to remember that with social media, we most often put up the happy times, the good moments. I would guess that Kaley has many sad moments, too. She's a very public person when it comes to happy things -- her Instagram is proof. But there is still a lot of pain there -- and I hope she has a great support system to get her through.


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