Kim Kardashian Warns Caitlyn Jenner on Issues With Fame as a Woman

kim kardashian caitlyn jennerKim Kardashian knows the issues that come with being a famous woman. Caitlyn Jenner is just starting to learn that -- she recently celebrated her official name change and gender. And so Kim is letting Cait know just how different it is to be a famous woman -- and the one thing she cannot do.


In a video on Kim's site (via People), Kim told Cait that she cannot be out and about looking disheveled. She must always wear makeup and look her best. Good thing there are sunglasses for days she's not up for it.

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It's a double standard and it sure is true. Women are lambasted in the media when they don't look perfect. Kim is even criticized by her weight gain ... when pregnant! This ridiculousness is sadly something that goes on in our society -- and it seems the Kardashians and Jenners are often prime targets. In order to save Cait a bit of unnecessary ridicule, Kim suggests that Cait never go out looking unkempt or else the paparazzi will use that photo every chance they get and in a negative way.

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I can just see the headlines with a pic of Cait looking disheveled: Caitlyn Hates Her New Life -- Here's Photographic Proof! Caitlyn Miserable -- Decides She Hates Makeup!

It's a strange life they lead being so in the public eye, but as Kim says, they have to always put their best face forward -- and that means a face with makeup on. And when you think about it, all women face this daily, even us non-famous ones. People are quick to draw conclusions when a woman isn't fixed up just so. We need to knock that off ... everyone.


Image via kimkardashian/Instagram

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