Lena Dunham Strips Off Her Uterus Sweater for a Good Cause (PHOTOS)

This story is SO Lena Dunham I almost can't. But I must! Lena Dunham wore a uterus sweater to a Planned Parenthood event -- and things just got better from there. Let's just say she left topless.


Well, almost topless. Here she is in the sweater, before she whipped it off.

Dunham spontaneously auctioned the sweater literally off her back for the price of $4,000 -- she's not cheap, people! The funds went to Planned Parenthood. The sweater probably went in a framed shadow box on someone's wall. And Lena went home in her bra because why not, if your cleavage looks like this? (Actually she put on a men's jacket, but still.)

See? I told you this story was SO Lena Dunham. She does a lot for Planned Parenthood so it's not surprising to see her supporting them again. But in this clever way? It's even better. The organization could use more friends right now, and Dunham is an excellent friend to have. 

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Did we mention that the sweater is designed by Lena's boyfriend's sister, Rachel Antonoff? And that it's currently sold out? That's some incredible influence. I only hope Dunham's influence extends to getting more people to support Planned Parenthood, too. 

And there you go. A few more women will get screened for cancer or get some affordable and reliable birth control thanks to Lena Dunham and whoever bought that fantastic sweater.


Image via Randy Shropshire / Stringer/Getty Images

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