Kate Middleton Is So Grateful for 'Mom Handbook' She Personally Thanked the Author

kate middletonBecause she's a princess, Kate Middleton gets gifts all the time. Just one of the perks, I suppose. One gift must have stood out to Kate -- a book called The Modern Mother's Handbook -- and she did something almost no mother ever has time to do: Kate wrote a thank-you note.


The book is written by "anonymous," or really, "a modern old-fashioned mom." Word is the author is a mom of two just like Kate. Kate didn't just fire off an email with gratitude and exclamation points. Instead she picked out her best stationary and penned a sweet note thanking the author for the gift. She must have really liked the book! I love that she is showing solidarity with mothers and open to advice from others. The more we know ... the better we are. All of it helps us make more informed decisions for ourselves, our family, as a mother.

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I can just see Kate writing with a feather pen at her royal desk, a gold embossed "K" on the top of her letterhead. She has a little plaque on the wall next to her that reads "Princess by day ... Queen by night." A gift from Will, of course.

Just a hunch.

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Thank-you notes are classic. Classy. The only way to thank someone properly, in my opinion. Of course, it's something I rarely send out, because while I always have the best intentions, some bundle of pressing issues happens like taking the kids to karate and dance practice, picking up those dust bunnies hopping all over the place, figuring out some sort of thing that resembles dinner, paying bills, and doing all the things that seem to have a "do it now" feeling. I need to slow down. Thank-you notes are the new yoga. And it's not just beneficial to the thank-you-note writer, but to the recipient.

Once again, Kate manages to inspire me. And not just because of those long bangs or adorable printed dress.


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