'Duck Dynasty' Stars Say Anna Duggar Has Every Right to Divorce Josh

Finally! Another well-known Christian reality star is speaking out on behalf of Anna Duggar. Duck Dynasty stars Jase and Missy Roberts publicly stated that Josh Duggar's wife has every right to a divorce, if that's what she wants to do.


Nothing's official, but there have been rumors from various sources that Anna's parents don't see divorce as an option in any case, and may be putting pressure on her to stay with Josh because of the vows she made before God.

Hmmm ... pretty sure Josh broke those vows! He's the one who broke their covenant, not Anna. The 19 Kids and Counting star admitted to being unfaithful to his wife of six years, after the Ashley Madison hack exposed his two accounts on the online cheating site.

Anyway, the Robertses made it very clear when speaking to ET that "forgiving and forgetting are two different things." Missy said that forgiving doesn't mean that Anna has to remain by Josh's side until death do them part.

"As far as the relationship, that's gotta be her decision whether or not she wants to go on without him," she said. "She certainly has that right, because he interrupted their marriage with those affairs, but forgiveness is not really a choice, you know, if you want forgiveness from God."

Jase added, "You can forgive somebody, but that doesn't mean there's not consequences for your actions."

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Missy also said that Anna is the victim in this situation, and ultimately, it's completely up to her about how to rebuild her life after Josh's destruction. As one who could totally relate to living family life on camera for a reality show, she said, "At the end of the day, when the cameras go away, that's their life. They're going to have to deal with it themselves and get past it and try to savor some of the experiences they had and memories, and also make a new life for themselves -- whether it's together or apart."

I love that they're not being all sanctimonious and self-righteous about it. I love that they're being honest about how Josh destroyed their relationship, and she has the right to move on without him, or try to create something new with Josh. Either way, the choice is hers, and no one should judge her.


 Image via annaduggar/Instagram

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