Scott Disick's New Lady Friend Is Barely Out of High School

Never one to slow down his partying lifestyle, Scott Disick is keeping company with an 18-year-old model. Yes, 18 -- as in she reportedly just graduated from high school this year.


The 32-year-old father of three was spotted out in New York City with the young blonde, hitting up clubs and parties over the weekend. Those super stealths over at Entertainment Tonight have identified the girl as Lindsay Vrckovnik, who not only models, but is also a visual artist.

There seems to be no shortage of women surrounding Scott since he and Kourtney ended things, which is a little disturbing. Whether they're young or even age-appropriate women, this dude needs some serious alone time to work all of his issues out.

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It also seems like the women Scott is choosing to hang out with are the anti-Kourtney, and certainly don't have three kids at home. No matter how much we'd like to see this guy get his act together, Scott won't get out of his own way, which is pretty unfortunate. Not only will he miss out on time with his kids, but the continued partying can't be good for his emotional well-being.

While all eyes have been on who Scott is spotted out with, we're more curious as to when Kourtney will start dating again. We're trusting she's going to keep it classy ... and her suitors to a minimum.


Image via J I X/TwisT/Splash News

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